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QUEENSTOWN A month after they were closed because of roof damage caused by heavy snow, a dozen stores at Prime Outlets at Queenstown remain closed “until further notice.”

The stores were closed on Feb. 10 when the second of two blizzards within days of each other dumped heavy snow on the area.

“We continue to work with a team of engineers and contractors to assess and determine the best course of action to correct roof damage two of our buildings suffered during February’s snowstorms,” the company said in an e mailed statement from spokesman Sue Helondovitch.

“We are working diligently to create a timeline for these repairs.

The company emphasized on its Web site that the majority of the stores at Queenstown are open and that it is working “diligently” to re open them.

Asked for more specific information on the damage and efforts to address it Helondovitch said “that is the information I am able to provide at this time.”

Mike Savage of the Middle Department Inspection Agency in Easton is the Town of Queenstown’s zoning administrator and is responsible for the inspection of buildings within the town limits, including the outlets.

“A structural engineer reviewed all the buildings and found some signs of structural weakness,” Savage said. He said that while nothing collapsed, some of the roofs sagged noticeably under the weight of heavy snow.

Savage said no one is allowed in the buildings until the repairs are completed.

He said he is keeping in touch with the company’s engineers as they work to “specify a fix” to make the buildings “structurally suitable” so they can again meet the requirements of the building code.

Once the repairs are completed, Savage will inspect the buildings before issuing the proper permits, he said.

The closed stores are Chesapeake Gourmet, Paper Factory, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Gymboree, Nine West, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger and Yankee Candle.
ralph lauren polo dresses for women 12 stores still closed