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TMve given it quick consideration but I TMve never done it.

There I am, stopped at the post office after a few hours of running errands and I look back to find both kids sleeping in their car seats.

You could just leave them sleeping real peacefully, the devil on my shoulder says with a grin. You can just lock the doors, walk backwards into the post office, quickly grab the mail from the PO box and be right back.

I usually end up returning to the post office at another time instead of trudging into the building with one sleeping child on each shoulder.

Then there TMs the grocery store. When I shop, the first thing I do upon my return is put my kids back in their car seats. At 4 and 2, they TMre too young to help me load the groceries and standing (or running around) in the parking lot is obviously not an option.

If my wife is with me, there TMs nothing to worry about. When she TMs not, I TMm presented with two options: 1) Lock all doors and jog to the cart drop off backwards while never looking away from the car or 2) Be an annoying shopper and leave the cart next to my car, risking it bumping into another car.

One thing I TMll never do is leave the kids in an unlocked car. And I TMll never, ever leave them in a running car no matter where I am or how far away I go.

Wen Lin of Allentown learned that lesson the hard way earlier this month when his car was stolen at the Little Apple Market on Seventh Street in the city. The 37 year old said he wanted to keep his daughter cool as he grabbed a shopping cart. Two men swooped in and stole the car.

His 6 year old daughter, Megan, was found safe about 90 minutes later a short distance away after the thieves ditched the car, police said.

Imagine what that 90 minutes must have felt like for both the girl and the father. Hauling my sleeping kids through the post office suddenly doesn TMt seem so bad.

The same thing happened in December 2001 when a 2 year old girl was driven away in her mom TMs car by a thief at an Airport Road convenience store. The car was running and left unlocked. Are you kidding, lady?

In both cases the kids were unharmed and the thieves apparently didn TMt know the kids were in the car.

Is there ever an OK time to leave you kids in the car? Have you ever done it and been scolded by a passerby? Have you ever yelled at someone for doing it?

Good for you! You are an excellent example for others to follow. Never, never leave your young children in the car alone for any amount of time. Do not compromise on this. Of course, it different for me now that my kids are older,
water polo apparel Lehigh Valley Parenting Blog
but when they were younger, I never gave in to the temptation to leave them. When my little ones fell asleep in the car for an afternoon nap, upon arriving home, I sat right next to them (in or out of the van depending on the weather, door opened or closed again depending on weather)and read a book. It was a nice break for me. I don remember ever commenting to anyone about leaving their kids in the car, but I think I would. I always turn off and lock the car and I never do it when it hot out. I think if you just use common sense (which so many people don have these days) you can decide whether or not it appropriate. If we are talking about young children (and I assume we are), you must accept that they need your constant vigilance. Only recently there was the story of a mother who took a nap on the couch, and her two year old wondered out the door of the house. Sadly, the toddler was found mile or two from home and had died of exposure. It can happen at home, it can happen in an unsupervised car. Never leave your young children unattended. temp outside is about 70 degrees. you are still parked in the garage or driveway and you realize your handbag is still in the house? I would never leave my kids in a public place, but for a quick few seconds to run in my house and back, yes, I do. Under no circumstances do you ever leave a child, no matter what age, in a car alone. This is just insanity. In this day and age, anything can happen. We must always be prepared, but never place ourselves in harm way. Actually, at this point we leave them at home to go grocery shopping,
water polo apparel Lehigh Valley Parenting Blog
etc. I not sure when I decided it was OK to leave my kids in the car. Maybe when the oldest was 10 or so. FYI to all other parents out there it about time we kept our mouths shut about what other parents are doing and focus that time energy back into our own kids.