polo ralph lauren outlet stores Making a Glove Work With a Touch Screen

polo ralp lauren Making a Glove Work With a Touch Screen

Introduction: Making a Glove Work With a Touch Screen

You can do this in just a few minutes without a lot of know how.

Winter’s coming up (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere)and with winter comes cold weather, and with cold weather comes gloves. But even in the cold your phone probably still rings. And while I love my touch screen phone, I hate that I can’t use it with gloves on.

There are gloves out there that allow you do use your touch screen, but why buy special gloves when, with just a few stitches you can convert the gloves you already have?Update: Here’s a video that runs you through the steps:Step 1: What You Need

Most modern touch screens use “capacitive touchscreen”which you can read about at length here, but in short it means that for a glove to work with a touch screen it needs to complete a circuit with your finger.

12” (30cm) of conductive thread. (TIP:If you don’t want to buy a whole spool, you can buy a few feet much more affordably from SparkFun,Adafruit, orSternalb. A warning about conductive threadscammers

Unfortunately there are people on Etsy and eBay selling sparkly thread as “conductive thread”. It’s not and will not work with this project. I’ve purchased from the sellers linked above and can vouch that it’s the real stuff. If you buy it elsewhere be sure that the seller lists conductivity data (ohms per foot or similar). Also conductive thread is not super sparkly, it has a color and finish more like brushed stainless steel.

What’s conductive thread? This great article over at Fashioning Technology will tell you everything you need to know and where to get some. And when you get some,
polo ralph lauren outlet stores Making a Glove Work With a Touch Screen
you’ll find there are tons of interesting things you can do with it. Tip:Don’t make it too small! The iPhone, for example, will ignore small touch areas. Leave danging thread on your knots, etc. And now Idon’t have to take off my glove just to answer a call or read an email.

Ask Question199 CommentsClaudiaS39 1 year agoReply

I cut a slit on the inside of the glove index finger tip, and when I want to type I slide my finger tip out of the glove.

austinwebdesign 1 year agoReply

ahhhhh, conductive thread! thanks so much for this

ChristyR9 2 years agoReply

I used metallic embroidery thread from Maderia, I’m sure other brands would work, with great success but it was silver,
polo ralph lauren outlet stores Making a Glove Work With a Touch Screen
so if color is important you’ll need to try another color of metallic thread to see if it works