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Editor Note: We starting something here at the Cheap Seat blog an afternoon special, so to speak, called Leftovers. every afternoon for you to read, maybe something big, maybe a story that slid under the radar lately because of other big news in the world. Your job is to grab your midafternoon snack at work, or home, or wherever, and take your break by giving it a read. And then have something fun and probably new to talk about with your friends or family later tonight over dinner or drinks or whatever. And you look like a genius. You can thank me later.

Marion Jones teammates from the Sydney Olympics will have their relay gold medals returned, according to the Court of Arbitraton for Sport.

I always thought that for the sports law cases, the jury should always be fellow athletes, not some stuffy French speaking guys in Switzerland. Don get me wrong, I like the Swiss. The chocolate is awesome. But these are athletes vs. athletes,
polo blue motion Lunchtime Leftovers
and I think they all understand the level of what going on here.

My proposal You accused/caught of some crime. You going to lose your gold medal, or whatever. Give the whole situation six months of cooloff time, or wait until the off season for your sport. Then, you prepare your own defense. You present it. The athletes decide. Boom, it over. None of this 3 year drama festival that could have been avoided rather quickly back in 2007.

In this case, something tells me the answer would have been the same. Those of you that didn cheat, you can keep your medal. Throw out a world record or whatever, but keep the medal. Marion, you go to the back of the line. . Something deliciously apropos about that.

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polo blue motion Lunchtime Leftovers
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