custom golf polos Local Olympians ready to march

ralph lauren polo socks Local Olympians ready to march

“It’s something that everyone secretly would love to do,” Thompson said. flag in my bag and wave it proudly.”

During the Pan Am Games, Thompson was as boisterous as any flag bearer. He said there’s no reason to tone it down tonight.

“I was a little nervous at first in Toronto, cause I wasn’t sure what I would do,” he said. “But when I watched the Olympics for the first time, and saw the people waving their flags and not just marching with them in the belt buckle, I always thought the ones waving were having more fun and that’s what I always said I would do. competitors from St. Thomas.

The BVI will be led into the ceremony tonight by first time Olympian Ashley Kelly, a sprinter who will run the 200 meters.

“I can’t imagine what it will be like,” Kelly said. “I believe it will be an indescribable moment, but I am sure it will more than I could dream of.”

Thanks to the sponsorship of the local McDonald’s, the USVI will be wearing bright tropical colors. The outfit includes navy blazers with the VIOC’s “Soaring Bird” logo, bright yellow shirts, straw hats with madras headbands, and matching pocket squares.

“We look really nice; it’s a nice look,” said USVI boxer Clayton Laurent Jr. “I think the Virgin Islands will look as good as we feel.”

Kelly said the BVI athletes will be in all white except for a green and yellow scarf with the “Vigilate” theme from the flag.

Meanwhile, sailor Thomas Barrows and fencer Daryl Homer will be representing Team USA despite both being born on St. Thomas.

They will be wearing Polo Ralph Lauren, with a red, white and blue horizontal striped shirt below a navy blue blazer, along with white pants.

Overall, the ceremonies will be a little toned down from the spectacles in Beijing in 2008 and London’s 2012 celebration, but don’t expect to be able to tell that by watching Thompson.

“The atmosphere during the opening ceremony will be on another level,” Thompson said. “London was insane, but now waving the flag, I can’t even imagine it right now.”
custom golf polos Local Olympians ready to march