polo towers villas las vegas Elegant Apparel and Sexy Models at Ego

polo clothes for kids Elegant Apparel and Sexy Models at Ego

For men who think they might spontaneously combust if they eyeball anything hotter than the ultra popular Almost Angels show, you’d best be advised to steer clear of the Taj’s Ego Lounge on Friday night.

Since the start of this month, Ego has entertained an Eleganza Boutique fashion show each Friday night (starting around 8pm) featuring smoking hot female models debuting the latest club, casual and swim wear by top designers like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Blu Marine, Dolce Gabbana, and Eleganza’s own private label collection.”It’s been really well received,” says Kimberly Lucasti, co proprietor of Eleganza Boutique (located in The Pier Shops at Caesars) with Gino Iovino. “I think that during the first show [Aug. 6] people didn’t completely understand what was going on, but now they’re anticipating it not only because of the lovely ladies modeling the latest fashions, but if you have a Trump One card [which can be obtained free at any of the three Trump casinos], you can enter the drawing for a $500 Eleganza gift certificate, which is fabulous.”

Four shows take place between 8 10pm Friday, and a $500 gift certificate to Eleganza is given out after each of the four fashion shows through random drawings. Show times are 8:10, 8:50, 9:10 and 9:45,
polo towers villas las vegas Elegant Apparel and Sexy Models at Ego
and each show lasts about 10 15 minutes. Ego Lounge borders the Taj’s gaming floor on one side and the promenade surrounding it on the other, and the six female models make the rounds of the entire lounge after first appearing on the main stage.

“They come out and they do a couple of turns on [the main] stage, then they walk onto another small stage that goes out onto the casino floor so that the table players can see the fashions too,” says Lucasti. “Then they’ll walk to the other side of the bar so everyone there can see what they’re wearing. Many of the fashions are from the runway looks from Milan [Italy, where Lucasti and Iovino travel seasonally to meet with fashion designers], and often I’ll match the designs they’re wearing with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes or other accessories we sell at the store. The clothes being modeled sort of give people an idea of what we offer, which also includes an entire men’s line of clothing and a lot of men’s and women’s fashion accessories.

“All during the show people can fill out entry blanks to enter the drawing, and at the end of the show all the models come up on stage and I select that show’s $500 winner from a box,” she says. “The winners get their gift certificates that same night, and people have actually been showing up at the store the next day and using them right away.”

Anyone with a Trump One card can enter the drawings, and while there is no obligation to play at the Taj’s gaming tables, gift certificate contestants must be present to win.

“It’s a great opportunity and we’re really appreciative toward the Taj for doing this partnership with us,” says Lucasti. “I think that each week it’s become more and more well attended, and we’re really hoping maybe they might want to do something through September or maybe something for holiday events. That would be wonderful.”

Ego Lounge resident DJ Hot Linh intersperses danceable hits between the fashion shows before the Almost Angels who recently celebrated their one year anniversary and perform every Thursday through Sunday at Ego from 10pm 2am take to the stage. As well received as the fashion shows and other Ego events have been thus far, the Angels have not had to piggyback on the popularity of any forerunner since they arrived in Atlantic City last summer.

for a video of the Almost Angels celebrating one year at EGO.

“The Almost Angels bring in a lot of people by themselves,” says Lucasti. “I think the purpose of [the fashion shows] as a Taj Mahal event is mainly to just try to draw more attention to the lounge itself, and bring in some people who may not have seen Ego before. It’s really beautiful. I hadn’t been to the Taj in a while and I was surprised by how spectacular the renovations were.”
polo towers villas las vegas Elegant Apparel and Sexy Models at Ego