polo ralph luaren Ely’s Susan Schurke is bringing her anoraks back

team usa polo shirt Ely’s Susan Schurke is bringing her anoraks back

HomenewsHeadlinesText of Gov. The store is headed for a late June opening. And online sales should be launched by fall.”We’re really happy the store is coming back,” said Heather Hohenstein of Ely, who wore a Wintergreen jacket as she cleaned gardens nearby. “They’re good quality products, and they provide good jobs. And it’s good marketing for the town.”This time around, the brand is called Northwoods Apparel, but Schurke is seeking the rights to use the Wintergreen name again. So she sold the business. Last summer, she formally started the business. “So I have created new patterns, but they look just like they looked before.”Production to build the inventory for the store and online sales kicked off in November with several returning employees. “I love the different things we create. I’m proud of what we do. “Basically, we’re creating our patterns, a retail store and a production facility. Overnight, we’re creating several businesses. But because I had the business before. I know what to do. “We’re not getting any younger. So I’m so impressed by how much energy she has pumped into this. It’s not about money, it’s about the teamwork that comes with putting something together.”But most gratifying, he said, is the sense of community they get from having a small business in town and the positive reaction they are getting from others who are glad they’re back.”We live 10 miles out of town, so I didn’t get into town like I used to,
polo ralph luaren Ely's Susan Schurke is bringing her anoraks back
” she said of the time she didn’t have the business. “It’s fun to be a part of the community again. After having left it, to be back and be part of the town again, I have an appreciation for that.”This time around, Schurke is taking it slow and proceeding carefully. She doesn’t want the business to get too big, nor keep her from family time.”Being big is not the goal,” she said. “We want to have enough product to make it interesting. We want the best quality. If you do too much, too fast, you start making mistakes.”After being out of the outdoor clothing business for six years, Susan Schurke is back with a production center and soon to open retail store in Ely. Schurke founded the Wintergreen outdoor wear business in 1982. It closed in 2013, four years after she sold it. Her new business, featuring the same best sellers, has a new name Northwoods Apparel. I so happy, she said. really enjoying it, really enjoying being back into it. Korpela is a returning employee who had worked for the site former business, Wintergreen Northern Wear,
polo ralph luaren Ely's Susan Schurke is bringing her anoraks back
for 15 years.