polo ralph luaren EHT tennis champ puts love of fitness into clothing line

polo perfumes EHT tennis champ puts love of fitness into clothing line

Playing tennis for Egg Harbor Township High School, he grabbed numerous titles, including a three time Cape Atlantic League champion title. He was a three time Press of Atlantic City Player of the Year. Overall, he has the most tennis wins in his school’s history.

“I was always a very active person,” Goldstein said.

“I picked my major of health and exercise science, and after taking some of my first classes, I was very interested in all of it the science, everything about it,” he said of his time at The College of New Jersey. “I knew I wanted to do something with personal training, specifically AtlantiCare because it’s medically integrated. It’s been my whole life basically for the last four years.”

Goldstein said he’s very close to his family of his mom, dad and half sister who have pushed him to harness his talents and dive into his education and career. He credits his parents with giving him opportunities while urging him to put in the work of obtaining a degree and starting his own business.

Longtime friend Sam Hong, of Egg Harbor Township, said Goldstein has first and foremost been athletically talented, but also showed interest in style and fashion.

“He sat down and merged his interest in clothing,” Hong said. “He really cares about people. With the brand, he really practices what he preaches.”

Hong said the two bonded in their middle school years over music. While they had different hobbies one loved fitness, the other loved photography they paired well together, as Hong would shoot photos of Goldstein training.

“I’m always trying to motivate my clients,” Goldstein said. “They’re almost like family, and I thought something they could wear when they work out can be a reminder to them. gear around South Jersey, others took notice and word spread about the brand.

A strong dedication to his craft allowed Goldstein to get through the more difficult legal beginnings of his clothing line,
polo ralph luaren EHT tennis champ puts love of fitness into clothing line
which he worked with lawyers to trademark. As with his tennis titles, when a goal was set before him, he kept pushing until it was met.

He began with a men’s T shirt and tank top and before long released women’s styles. After starting the project in spring 2016, he had a finished product to market by fall. Goldstein has been experimenting with styles and colors since.

“Now I’ve been trying to go with the seasons and what’s in right now. I want to put out the most popular thing,” Goldstein said. “I’m getting ready to release hoodies, hats, leggings and sweatpants. It’s always a risk, so you hope people will buy it.”

When it comes to the message behind the fashion, Egg Harbor Township resident Joy Carty said it’s working.

“I leave the shirt out in my bedroom so I can see it,” Carty said. “Keith is special. He’s very intelligent and really cares about his clients.”

Carty has been training with Goldstein for the last year and said their personalities work well together.

“He inspires me to go to the gym myself three or four other days a week,” she said. “He really is serious about fitness. That’s why he started his clothing line. That’s how much he cares about it. The logo really says exactly how he feels.”

Carty will soon be 62, and Goldstein has catered to her specific concerns. She now lifts more weight than she thought was possible. gear in her closet to keep her motivated. on social media, which has allowed his brand to spread to Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii and Michigan.

Due to his love of South Jersey, Goldstein himself plans to stay put and grow his business from here.

“I love it here. My parents are here and I’m close with them,” he said. “I’m just very established here.

At the end of the day, it’s all about health. For those who are jumping into new programs for the new year, Goldstein reminds us excuses can come easily, but can also be overcome.

“It’s definitely not going to be easy,
polo ralph luaren EHT tennis champ puts love of fitness into clothing line
but it will definitely be worth it when you start. You just have to start. Don’t even think about ‘What if I fail? What if I can’t do it?’ It just takes some time.”