polo dresses women Golden Ginger Fashions opens second store

polo pants Golden Ginger Fashions opens second store

Kraychy, who opened the two stores about six months apart, said the newest location is there to compliment the original location on Wetaskiwin Main Street.

are keeping the other store. The other store is all the latest lines from TanJay and Alia.

it goes to 30 per cent (off) over there it stays, but when it gets to 50 per cent it will come here.

in this store, this mall, will be 50 per cent off, said Kraychy. we still carry all good quality TanJay Alia clothing, and some other things, too.

shoes and purses, but at discount for the ladies who want to deal. said one of the reasons she decided to set up shop in the Wetaskiwin Mall was the fact it was being refurbished.

felt it was a good opportunity for the seniors as well, because it easy access for them. They come to the Farmers Market (on Wednesdays). They don get out a lot; sometimes maybe it hard to get to the main street store.

once in a while a lady wants to buy themselves a shirt or sweater,
polo dresses women Golden Ginger Fashions opens second store
come buy some bread at the Farmers Market and then they can buy themselves a top or two.

felt there was a need for more fashion in Wetaskiwin.

getting quite a few sales items at the regular store.

Kraychy said it was with the urging of Alia and TanJay parent company Nygard that she took on a second location here in Wetaskiwin.

coached me to open the second store to be a clearance centre, so everything will be on sale but of good quality and affordability. said everything in the clearance outlet is under $100 with lots of items priced at $50 or less.

certainly welcome business for Wetaskiwin. We are loving our customers, and we wouldn be in business if we didn have the customers, she said.

Mayor Bill Elliot said Golden Ginger Fashions opening a store in the Wetaskiwin Mall is a continuation of the entire community becoming energized.

Lipton the owner (of Wetaskiwin Mall) is very excited about this, and he got more stores coming.

think there is an energy in Wetaskiwin as you drive down Highway 2A, you see buildings being face lifted, there new buildings going in. There new development across the street at Denham Landing, they putting in 6,000 square feet of business space.

Winks store will be going down and 7 Eleven will be going up, so there is an energy in Wetaskiwin.

just think she (Kraychy) obviously supportive, and getting supported by the community.

is her second business in six months that she opened. I know we shop here for my mother and mother in law because this is the styles they wear and the actual clothing line, said Elliot.
polo dresses women Golden Ginger Fashions opens second store