pga tour polo shirts Going medieval in Sarnia

baltimore ravens polo Going medieval in Sarnia

Passersby the Point Lands Sunday afternoons of late may have wondered if they were walking into a medieval battleground.

Foam weapon wielding warriors have been using the riverside park for the last month as the practice grounds for the Sarnian Warband Club, a Belegarth club created by Liam Gillis.

Unlike its LARP (Live Action Role Play) cousin, the hobby, said the history student at Western University, is fast paced, full contact combat (no is the equivalent of an aerobics workout, said Gillis at Hobbyfest in Centennial Park Sunday, as a group of children sparred in the background using foam swords and spears.

you never done this before, you feel this the next day if you go two hours at it. generally make their own weaponry which is checked before any battling and the clothing, or garb, typically includes sweat pants, running shoes and a baggy shirt, said Gillis, whose fighting name is Diomedes after the Greek hero in Homer Iliad.

most fantasy ish is how you dress and your name, said the club realm leader, noting monikers don have to be lore or history based.

one realm leader in London, his fighting name was Muffin. can be worn to guard against foam tipped projectiles, so long as it not metal for safety reasons.

first because we hitting pretty hard, he said.

Fun is the second priority.

is at the bottom of the list. club started in mid June, he said, and so far about a dozen participants are on board.

At Hobbyfest, the annual Sarnia event where local groups appeal for new participants, Gillis was one of about 30 on hand.

a lot of questions from people, people trying it out, he said.

a lot of this, he said, gesturing to the youngsters in the background.

little kids going at it. group organizes through the Sarnian Warband Facebook page, he said.

lots of information online, including how to make gear and weapons. at Hobbyfest, the Bluewater R/C Flyers were showing off their radio controlled models with wingspans ranging from 20 inches to 12 feet and promoting the upcoming 40th annual Memorial Scale Model Airplane Rally Aug. 5 6 at the club Petrolia Line flying field, just east of Plank Road.

we equal or better last year I think we had over 40 pilots last year, and we filled the parking lot over and over again, said club president Paul Chitty.
pga tour polo shirts Going medieval in Sarnia