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Once I decided on my macro trends to use in my SS19 lookbook, Neo nostalgia and Urban Transition, I decided I wanted to further research how Hip Hop in the past especially in the 90s played a massive part on taking preppy all american brands for example, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren and essentially re branding them to meet their aesthetic. This took the brands to a whole other consumer market and made them popular in a demographic where initially people would think they wouldn stand a chance.

During my research I found an article that perfectly describes what was happening in the hip hop industry throughout the 90s with style:

the ’90s, white industrial and preppy brands such as Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Timberland became ubiquitous in the rap world. Gone were the nondescript, low slung and extra baggy jeans of figureheads like Tupac Shakur or the Afrocentric incorporation of dashikis and kufis during the Golden Age of hip hop.

The label look was a form of dress which had, until that time, been removed from contemporary Black American culture. And nothing about this look was subtle. Singers like Aaliyah embraced brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans, sporting tube tops and men’s boxers with the designer’s name and logo printed boldly across the fabric. Preppy, all American, waspy aesthetics were almost strictly for white people, but with black artists now wearing the same aesthetics on Saturday Night Live, or in glossy music videos, they were able to diminish the power that look had previously held against their own people.

I looked at the Aaliyah Tommy Hilfiger commercial as visual research looking into how I could change the all american preppy brand gap into something more edgy and accessible to popular culture and youth.

I looked at Caitlin Price’s website and social media to see how she communicates her brand. I feel like with both she keeps a very clean structured aesthetic which feeds into and magnifies the importance of the high end luxury idea she has developed. She also incorporates sporty images that she has used as inspiration on her Instagram to add depth and a meaning behind the brand. This makes it more believable and gives the consumer a better understanding of her identity and the ideas behind her looks. Her logo is both simple and strong highlighting the ‘luxe’ and ‘tough’ elements of the brand.
woman polo boots Bella Rubbo