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If you did not get enough shopping in the run up to Christmas or Hanukkah, fear not, Monday is coming.

Major retailers and smaller shops alike are opening early on Dec. 26, offering customer support in exchanging gifts, and offering plenty of deals for those who received cash or gift cards for the holiday.

Investigators are searching for a west Tulsa couple in connection with a severe abuse case. Curt Cochran is accused of sexually assaulting two children, ages 9 and 5. Police say the victims told investigators he also abused them with a stun gun. can even imagine what would go through the mind of an individual that thinks it okay to do that to any child, a Tulsa investigator said. The accusations don’t stop there. Cochran allegedly abused a 24 year old woman who has mental delays. Police are also searching for Valarie White, who is suspected of knowing about the abuse and not doing anything.

KRMG has learned investigators in Oklahoma City have issued an Amber Alert in connection with a missing 42 day old girl. According to a release, police believe Abria Kinchen was taken by her mother, Adazia Kinchen, who is just 17. last night at 2036 NE 13th. Adazua is said to be black, 5 11 300 lbs, black hair, brown eyes and she was wearing a black jacket and grey sweat pants. Plus, she been diagnosed with depression and possibly is a schizophrenic. She not currently taking medicine. KRMG will continue to update the story as more information comes into the newsroom.

A Florida sheriff deputy who won statewide honors for bravery in 2016 was fired and arrested on charges that include child neglect and possession of cocaine, the Brevard County Sheriff Office said. >> Read more trending news Nick Worthy, named the Florida deputy of the year in 2016 and Brevard County top deputy in 2015, was arrested Thursday morning along with his girlfriend, identified as Rachel Trexler. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office responded Wednesday night to a complaint about gunfire and a woman screaming. There was no answer at the door, and deputies were unable to make contact with anyone at the house after repeated attempts at communication. A search warrant was issued Thursday, and deputies found Worthy, Trexler, their 2 year old child and three dogs, deputies said. ‘We got a bang on the door, and it was another police officer advising that we should leave the house because a SWAT team was coming,’ neighbor Joe Passos said. In a news conference, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said what was found inside was ‘extremely disgusting’ and ‘deplorable.’ He described a house in complete disarray with dog feces, two loaded and unsecured firearms, ammunition, trash, food, plus a small amount of marijuana and cocaine. There also was evidence inside of gunshots that were consistent with what the neighbors had reported, Ivey said. Worthy and Trexler were were arrested and face charges of child neglect, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana (under 20 grams) and possession of drug paraphernalia. Worthy was fired after his arrest. The child is in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families, and the dogs were taken by animal services, deputies said. Ivey said Worthy had been employed by Brevard County for six years. Worthy was awarded a Medal of Valor and a Life Saving Award during two separate incidents in 2015. Army Ranger sergeant, was involved in previous internal investigations at the sheriff’s office, but did not provide any details. Worthy posted bond and has not commented on the arrest, deputies said.

A Wisconsin man is accused of shooting his landlord in the back of the head over a $30 rent increase, rolling the elderly man body in a blanket and stashing it in a garage before visiting his probation officer and going out for drinks, police said. Jason Christopher Tilley, 37, of Cudahy, was arrested Sunday on charges of first degree intentional homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon. His bail was set at $750,000, but he is also being held in the Milwaukee County Jail on a probation hold, jail records show. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the 70 year old victim wife called Greenfield police on March 1 when he failed to return home from a meeting with a tenant at his rental property in Cudahy. Fox 6 News reported that the woman identified the tenant as a man named Jason. When an officer went to Tilley apartment to talk to him, he was not home, the news station reported. The officer noticed what appeared to be blood on the door and door frame of the unit, according to a criminal complaint. Two officers returned to the building the next day, at which point they looked in the garage and what appeared to be a pool of blood that led to a large blanket rolled up against the wall, Fox 6 reported. The victim body was found rolled up in the blanket, officials said. His autopsy showed the victim died of a single gunshot wound to the head, the Journal Sentinel reported. Police officials said the landlord daughter reported finding her father car abandoned in a parking lot about seven miles from the apartment building. The criminal complaint stated that surveillance footage from the area showed a man parking the car, getting out and catching a bus nearby. The Journal Sentinel reported that a police officer identified the man in the footage as Tilley. When questioned by detectives, Tilley said he paid his landlord $560 in cash for his rent, but became upset when he was told the rent was being increased to $590. Though he initially denied any confrontation, he ultimately admitted to the shooting, police said. He told investigators he had a handgun in the pocket of his hoodie when they went into the garage while discussing the rent. Tilley told investigators they were talking, the victim turned away from him and that when he did, Tilley took out the gun and shot the victim, Fox 6 reported. Tilley said he took cash from the landlord pocket, along with his car keys, the Journal Sentinel reported. He then hid the man body before taking the car and abandoning it where the victim daughter later spotted it. >> Read more trending news Before heading to his probation officer office, Tilley went to Walmart and bought new clothes, leaving his old ones behind, the complaint stated. After leaving his probation appointment where he had to give a urine sample he went to a bar. Tilley said he some beers and shots, went home and then got up and went to work the next day, Fox 6 reported. Tilley was arrested at his job at the Patrick Cudahy meat packing plant. WISN in Milwaukee reported that Tilley faces life in prison if convicted of murder and 10 years if convicted of the weapons charge. Wisconsin court records show an extensive criminal history for Tilley, who has previously faced charges including robbery, battery, burglary, cocaine possession and driving with a revoked license. All those cases, stemming from 1998 to 2011, are listed as closed. Most of them ended with felony convictions. A 2018 case filed on Valentine Day involves harassment and a restraining order, the court records show. That case, originating in nearby Kenosha County, lists the Cudahy crime scene as Tilley address. Tilley was issued an injunction in the case, though details of the injunction were not available. The landlord slaying marks the first homicide investigation in Cudahy since 2016, WTMJ TV reported. Residents of the building where the homicide took place expressed shock over their landlord death. was such a nice guy, he really was, resident Leo Trudeau told the news station. was a decent human being. Sharon Cebula said she saw the victim outside the building shortly before he was killed. seen him, the landlord, that afternoon and then later I went to go pick up my son, and the landlord car was there and the garage door was open, Cebula said. I came home an hour later, that car was gone and the garage door was closed. Cebula said that Tilley, who lived in the apartment above hers, was behind on his rent, and another tenant who declined to be named said Tilley had an eviction notice posted on his door. Still, those who lived around him did not anticipate their neighbor being capable of killing someone. he did do it, I think he deserves the full max of punishment, Cebula said.
auburn under armour polo Best Buy and others open