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Let be honest. It always such a struggle to get to the gym, and an even bigger struggle to find sexy gym clothes. But thanks to one Miami woman, that problem has been solved.

Hitting the gym is pretty much a fashion show these days.

Erika Boom, Fit Mama: are accepting a little more fashion into fitness attire. Erika Boom is quite the expert. She a trainer and the woman behind the fashion brand Fit Mama.

Erika Boom: now, we do not only leggings, we do tops and we do outerwear and we do footwear. right. From workout clothes to jackets and even bags and sneakers, this brand is making its mark on the booming fad.

Erika Boom: started designing and creating leggings for myself, and my friends were like, my God, I love the colors, I love the fit, and that how everything got started. trend is mostly about out with the black and gray and in with the colorful patterns a la Sofia Vergara.

Erika Boom: has a lot of impact on your workouts and on your mood. trendy,
southern proper polo Fit Mama Apparel
sexy materials.

Erika Boom: like this top I wearing. I use texture. I not afraid of using texture or metallic. I use a lot of sheer. trainer Jillian Michaels is a Fit Mama fan.

Fit Mama is also know for its unique pieces, like the Dreamland Unitard.

Erika Boom: being around all the bathing suits, I was like, know, I could create something for yoga, low impact activities.’ the brand pairs it with a skirt you could either work out in it, or Boom: thought it would be cool to wear the skirt on top of the leggings and you go have lunch with your girlfriends. other words, you can be like the trendy Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians by sporting your gym wear to chill in your day to day life.

Erika Boom: comfortable, it trendy, functional and fashionable. And if it makes you feel good, even better. find out how to update your athletic wear with Fit Mama latest pieces, go to the link below.
southern proper polo Fit Mama Apparel