polo cologne First Afghan female coders bring it on

chapman water polo First Afghan female coders bring it on

HERAT, Afghanistan A group of young Afghan women in the deeply conservative western Herat province is breaking traditional barriers as their war torn country first female coders in an overwhelmingly male dominated tech field.

The game they created at the Code to Inspire computer training centre in the city of Herat, the provincial capital, underscores Afghanistan struggle to eradicate vast opium poppy fields ruled by the Taliban. troops in Helmand province and the stories he told her.

time he came back home, he would tell us about the poppy fields, the terrible mine blasts, battling opium traffickers and drugs, Mohammadi recounted to The Associated Press.

She and her colleagues at the centre thought that if they create a game, it would raise awareness, especially among the young. It not dropping bombs form planes or battling insurgent in the battlefields, but it a way to combat drugs through a computer game.

In the game, with five supporting lives, an Afghan soldier mimics a real life mission in Helmand to clear out drugs. The soldier encounters various obstacles in the process: the enemy hiding in tall corn fields, land mines, drug traffickers and hidden heroin labs.

Afghanistan is the world top cultivator of the poppy, from which opium and heroin are produced. estimates. The southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar are where most of the poppy fields are and where the majority of the production takes place while Herat lies along a key smuggling route to neighbouring Iran and beyond.

The Taliban, who have been waging war against the Afghan government since 2001, are heavily involved in poppy growing, which has increased in recent years, all but halting government eradication efforts.

Mohammadi says she and her teammates completed the game in one month and her brother was the first person she showed it to. She declined to give her brother name, fearing for his safety and the family because he worked with American soldiers.

Her dream, she says, is that one day the opium poppy would be replaced by the saffron crocus so she put that in the game, having the soldiers encourage local poppy farmers to cultivate saffron instead.

is more expensive and it would be better for the country, she says.

The Herat girls only computer programing school, Code to Inspire or CTI, was the brainchild of Fereshteh Forough,
polo cologne First Afghan female coders bring it on
who was born an Afghan refugee in Iran and only returned to Herat after the 2001 fall of the Taliban. A former Herat university professor now living in the United States, she seeks to break gender barriers and empower girls to learn to code as a way to change their lives.

The school houses over 80 girls, both high school and university students. They learn to create their own websites, mobile applications, games and other web development projects.

not easy for a girl to find a job and go to work outside of her home in Afghanistan, said Hasib Rassa, the CTI project manager. with just one laptop at home, she can work online and earn money and help her family. plan is to go big, to have more schools across Afghanistan, he added.

As young Afghans increasingly use social media, 20 year old Frahnaz Osmani, a student of graphic designer at the CTI, decided to develop Afghan female character stickers. Her stickers show a little girl in colorful traditional Afghan clothing, a red dress and a green headscarf, with the sticker messages in Dari, one of Afghanistan two official languages.

wanted the world to see that Afghan girls can do something, and that we can have our own creations, she said.

For 18 year old Samira Ansari, another student at the centre, coding was an unfamiliar, strange word. Now, it a pathway to her dream of becoming a web designer which she hopes to study after a two year course at the centre.

I first heard about coding, I laughed and wondered what it means, she said.

when I found out that all these creative and skilled people designing websites had started from coding, I became very interested, she said, breaking into a smile.
polo cologne First Afghan female coders bring it on