marco polo images Horseshoes more skill than luck for Enfield man

cheap polo shirts for kids Horseshoes more skill than luck for Enfield man

Steve Kraus, the head of farrier services at Cornell University teaches students in the university farrier certificate program how to glue horseshoes on. Glue is used when nails are not appropriate for the horse condition.


Cornell University Head of Farrier Services Steve Kraus shows his students how to trim a piece of kevlar to be used to glue a horseshoe in place. From left, Kraus, Heather Gardiner, of Grimsby, Ontairio, and Casey Purdum, of New Milford, Pennsylvania.(Photo: SIMON WHEELER / Staff Photo)Buy PhotoJust like you’d put snow tires on your car to make it up State Street safelyin the winter, to keep your horse safe on ice and snow, you’d put a set of studded shoes on it.

Or maybe you need the equivalent of trail running shoes for your polo horse.

If you wanted expert help to make sure to keep your horse healthy, you might go to Cornell University Head Farrier Steve Kraus.

Kraus, of Enfield,will sharehis decades of knowledge Saturdayat the College of Veterinary Medicine’s open house. There will be 45 minute demonstrations in the Farrier Shop at the far east end of the vet school complex, and smallsouvenir horseshoes for children.

The 66 year old has been working to improve horseshoeing since he started to learn the trade at age 14 at summer camp.

Kraus grew up in the Bronx. His parents decided he “shouldn’t be left to his own devices running around the streets of the Bronx,” he said.

Kraus started there as a camperat age 10, laterbecoming a counselorthrough his graduationfrom Cornell in 1971with a degree in animal science.

After graduation, he bought land in the Town ofEnfield and set himselfup in business, but never severed his connection with Cornell. His accounts included Cornell’spolo and equestrian teams, and the horses used for physicaleducation classes.

Cornell ended theclasses using horses in 2014, when the schoolexpanded itsequestrian team, according to Kraus.

A polo player himself, he is especially proud of his decades ofwork as a coach with the Cornell men’s and women’steams. Both are seeded first in the National Intercollegiate Championships this week, he noted.

Kraus’ career as afarrier has taken him all over the United States andto South America and Canada, working and teaching. “Inever expected it to take me where it’s taken me,” he said.

“I’ve had (clients) before I came here that were so competitivein their discipline, they would fly me around the country whenever thehorse needed shoeing, because they felt I made a difference,” Kraus said.

Hall of Fame

In recognition of his work teaching, as well asdevelopingproducts andtechniques, he was inducted into theInternational Horseshoeing Hall of Famein February. The hall isa sectionof the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Itwas a very emotional experience for sure, having spentthe last 52 years in this profession,” Kraus said.
marco polo images Horseshoes more skill than luck for Enfield man

polo style sweater Horseshoe heaven in Hibbing

the polo towers Horseshoe heaven in Hibbing

IT TAKES TWO WEEKS to work more than 1,000 horseshoe throwers through the initial rounds of the World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament. Players represent 45 states, Canada, even Norway. The auditorium floor of Hibbing’s Memorial Building has been sliced into 24 fake grass courts, each 40 Feet long with a short iron pole sticking out of a mud pit at each end. On this day, nearly 50 older men are lofting shoes the length of the court, and nailing the post just about every time. That’s a ringer, and that’s what it takes to win.

There’s no goading going on; no one’s trying to distract anyone else, according to Gene Burlingane, a pitcher from Davenport Iowa.

“So you notice everybody stands back while the other guy pitches. It’s a very respectable sport. There ain’t nobody trying to mess anybody up. Very clean, very trustworthy bunch,” he says.

Courtesy is a trademark of horseshoes. The shoes are measured and weighed before every match, but there’s hardly a need. No one would cheat at horseshoes.

It’s fitting that Minnesota is hosting this year’s tournament, at least according to Dick Hansen, from Franksville, Wisconsin. Minnesota’s the state with most members in the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. Missouri and Wisconsin are strong contenders. Hansen says it might have to do with the Midwest’s rural heritage.

“That’s how I got started in it, because I was born and raised on a farm. Between bailing hay or whatever, we’d go out and pitch a few shoes, you know, on a Sunday afternoon picnics, that kind of stuff,” he says.

Roman legionnaires played a form of horseshoes. George Washington pitched during the Revolutionary War, as did Union and Rebel soldiers during the Civil War. president.

“We went up dramatically in membership the year that George Bush, the first George Bush, was elected to the White House, because he put horseshoe courts at the White House and we got a tremendous amount of publicity out of it,” Hansen says.

It’s a real sport that takes real skill, and the championship rounds will draw large crowds of spectators, riveted to a close match.

“When you get at this level,” he says, “the competition and the pressure is tremendous. The tension just keeps building and building and building because you know sooner or later somebody’s going to miss.”

This is a game of strength, stamina and consistency. Don Titcomb, a three time world champion from Northern California, hits ringers eight times out of 10, despite his 77 years.

“It’s tough,” he says. “I’ve thrown 3,000 shoes in a world tournament. At the end of the tournament, I was mentally tired, because you concentrate so much on your motion, your form, your delivery, your game.”

“There’s a turn called a three quarter; there’s one called a one and a quarter. A one and three quarter. A flip. A double flip. One of those will be natural to you,” Titcomb says.

These are shoes you’ll never find on a horse. There are at least 40 brands of competition horseshoes, with names like Mustang, Deadeye and Diamond.

Players in Hibbing run the gamut, from nine to 88 years old the average in their 50s. Minnesota has the most active junior leagues. Still, horseshoes has a lot of trouble competing for kids’ time against more popular sports like soccer and basketball. Few schools field a horseshoe team. That’s too bad, according to Titcomb. It’s an exciting game and good, gentle, exercise.

“They can’t play those sports all their life. They can play this one all their life.”

The finals are underway Thursday and Friday in Hibbing’s Memorial Building. Seating could be tight for the best matches. The top winners will walk away with $3,200, about enough for a good two week trip to the Iron Range.
polo style sweater Horseshoe heaven in Hibbing

polo hats for sale Horry County Suspect Search

polo outlet lebanon tn Horry County Suspect Search

Horry County Suspect SearchMore>>Two suspects wanted on bench warrants are on the looseTwo suspects wanted on bench warrants are on the looseUpdated: Wednesday, March 7 2018 6:03 AM EST2018 03 07 11:03:32 GMTRayquan McCray Rayquan McCray They have bench warrants and they were no shows. One is charged with arson, the other with domestic violence.More >>They have bench warrants and they were no shows. One is charged with arson, the other with domestic violence.More >>Two suspects charged with assault and battery on the looseTwo suspects charged with assault and battery on the looseUpdated: Tuesday, February 27 2018 10:38 PM EST2018 02 28 03:38:51 GMT Two suspects are each charged with assault and battery and each are on the run. We begin with a fight between two relatives.More >>Two suspects are each charged with assault and battery and each are on the run. We begin with a fight between two relatives.More >>Horry County Suspect Search: Hunt is on for domestic violence suspectsHorry County Suspect Search: Hunt is on for domestic violence suspectsUpdated: Tuesday, February 20 2018 10:58 PM EST2018 02 21 03:58:07 GMTLeft: Michael McDermott; Right: Jeremy Brock (Source: Horry County Sheriff’s Office)They both face domestic violence charges and at this point they’ve both eluded police.More >>They both face domestic violence charges and at this point they’ve both eluded police.More >>Dustin Kyle Elliott (Horry County Sheriff’s Office)He claims he left drugs in the shoes he sold and wanted to get them back. At this point the Horry County Sheriff’s Office can’t find him, can you?More >>He claims he left drugs in the shoes he sold and wanted to get them back. At this point the Horry County Sheriff’s Office can’t find him, can you?More >>Suspect Search: Criminal sexual conduct and pointing a firearm. Two suspects both on the looseSuspect Search: Criminal sexual conduct and pointing a firearm. Two suspects both on the looseUpdated: Wednesday, November 22 2017 8:54 AM EST2017 11 22 13:54:32 GMT
polo hats for sale Horry County Suspect Search

volkswagen polo bluemotion Hornets coach Clifford returns to work after 21

polo beanies Hornets coach Clifford returns to work after 21

But when the pain became so intense before a Charlotte home game last December it frightened him, and he couldn’t ignore the problem any longer.The 56 year old Clifford walked away from the Hornets that day to undergo medical testing on his brain and get his life in order. Results revealed no internal problems, but the doctor’s diagnosis was one other workaholic professional and college coaches may want to pay attention to: Clifford was suffering from severe sleep deprivation. And, if he didn’t do something about it, the condition was only going to get worse.Clifford returned to practice Tuesday after six weeks off, feeling refreshed.He’ll be back on the sideline Wednesday night following a 21 game absence when the Hornets host the Washington Wizards, the start of a five game home stand.”It was a scary thing,” Clifford told The Associated Press of the ordeal.Doctors determined that more than 18 years of working as a NBA coach had worn him down to the point where his brain was telling him he needed sleep. With the league’s brutal travel schedule that includes 82 games including 41 on the road Clifford had grown used to nights where he would regularly sleep four or five hours then get up and begin working again.”It becomes a vicious cycle,” Clifford said. “It was a lack of sleep that leads to headaches, and then the headaches are why I’m not sleeping.”The headaches began in 2016 and Clifford initially handled them with over the counter medication. But over the past two years the headaches grew more severe, and he received stronger prescriptions to deal with the pain.That helped mask the problem for a while.But when he walked in the team’s downtown Charlotte arena the morning of Dec. 4, 2017 for shoot around, Clifford could no longer take the pain.The Hornets had just returned from a road trip to Toronto and Miami where they played two games in three nights, a common NBA occurrence.”I hadn’t been able to sleep much on that road trip,” Clifford said. “And that is when the doctors told me we’re going to have to stop right here and do some testing.”This wasn’t Clifford’s first health scare as Charlotte’s coach.In 2013, Clifford had two stents inserted into his heart. However,
volkswagen polo bluemotion Hornets coach Clifford returns to work after 21
he returned to the sideline three days later to coach a game and finished out the season.But he said the issue with the headaches were different and more worrisome to him.”The doctor basically told me it’s your long term health versus your career,” Clifford said. “And he told me the medication doesn’t cure the headaches. The medication for a headache is a Band Aid. You have to take care of the issue. (The headaches) will keep getting worse until you stop what is causing them. And my problem was my job, my lifestyle.”In the end, Clifford said it was “a pretty easy decision” to take a leave of absence.While away, he monitored Hornets games on television but also took naps during the day and started to train his body to sleep more at night.Clifford was greeted by smiles, jokes and some hugs from players on Tuesday. And it didn’t take long for him to begin harping on some of his old messages, as he preached defense on the first day back.The Hornets were 9 12 under associate coach Stephen Silas with Clifford out.”It felt good to have him back,” Hornets All Star point guard Kemba Walker said. “Almost an immediate impact. We have been missing him. He’s our leader.”Moving forward, Clifford said he plans to delegate more to his assistant coaches and his goal is to get seven or eight hours of sleep every night, even on the road.Whether or not he’s able to do that given the inherent stress and travel schedule that accompanies the NBA coaching profession particularly when it comes to leading a struggling team that is eight games under .500 and five games out of a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference remains to be seen.But Clifford said he’s making it priority.”I’m going to live differently,” Clifford said. “And it doesn’t have to be a significant change. .. As the doctors both told me, you don’t have to work differently, you have live differently. So as much as anything I have to sleep more. That’s it. I have to train my body to sleep more.”Then, Clifford quickly added with a big smile, “Once I do that our defense will get better, our offense will take off and we will be good to go.”.
volkswagen polo bluemotion Hornets coach Clifford returns to work after 21

polo belt hop styles help spawn hot streetwear trend

personalized polo shirts hop styles help spawn hot streetwear trend

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First, there were outfits that were once exclusively referred to as “hip hop” clothing. and his 1994 homage to the then current urban style?

“Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match,” he rhymed in his 1994 single “Juicy.”

But times change and tastes change.

In an increasing, multimillion dollar movement, several seemingly unrelated fashion genres hip hop’s urban streetwear, skateboarding clothing styles and hipster fashions have melded, and the resulting fashions are spreading like wildfire around the world and back.

Shoppers at established New York urban fashion retailers, such as Dr. More whites, Asians and other ethnic groups are shopping for the popular clothing, which include baggy and skinny jeans, dresses, footwear, bags, shirts sports team baseball caps and more.

And it’s an international phenomenon.

Back in the day, in the early times of hip hop style, the fashions included personalized crewneck sweatshirts, Converse sneakers, Kangol bucket hats, name buckles and Cazal sunglasses.

They were popularized by gang members, rappers, break dancers, deejays and drug dealers and millions.

But in the late ’80s and early ’90s, rap aficionados were introduced to a new styles designer Karl Kani’s oversized baggy jeans; culturally inspired Cross Colours outfits; urban/Ivy League flair of Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm and workwear clothing and boots by Timberland, Carhartt, Dickies, Champion and The Northface.

Hip hop artist Soulja Boy arrives at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta in 2007. (Jeff Christensen/AP)

As the fashion evolved, it exploded into an international, multimillion dollar industry, inspiring Chanel and Isaac Mizrahi.

Widespread demand eventually drew artists such as Jay Z and Sean Combs into fashion design, while developing a niche market of independent streetwear lines such as Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne’s Black Apple, which is available online at Dr. Jay’s and in stores.

Local retailers have been successful in keeping up with the demand for the trendy apparel and accessories, which have also been embraced by Hollywood on the silver screen as well as in many popular television sitcoms, such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “2 Broke Girls.”

Apart from belts, a few watches and inexpensive bracelets, most stores sell their jewelry online. Jimmy Jazz sells costume bling bracelets, religious icon necklaces, as well as the popular “shamballa” bracelets, stretchy spike bracelets, necklaces and rings.

At Jimmy Jazz’s 125th St. and Lenox Ave. location in Harlem, manager Imram Khan says even his diehard hip hop customers are following the trend away from old school baggy to slimmer styles, such as Levis 569s slimmer, relaxed fit jeans for example.

Whether it is men’s military styled sweaters or peplum dresses from Jimmy Jazz’s brand Decibel, the chain’s reasonable prices provide options for fashion conscious consumers on a tight budget.

Many shoppers also stock up closet staples such as thermal shirts, leggings, sweaters and plaid shirts. But footwear is something that people are more than willing to pay full price for said Khan, listing sneakers like Jordan Retro 13 sneakers, and boots by Polo, Timberland and Lugz among the popular items.

Anoop Persaud, manager of Dr. Jay’s in Jamaica, Queens, and salesman Naseem Muntaz said they first saw the move from baggy to slimmer around 2004 2005.

Jimmy Jazz is located at 125th St. and Lenox Ave. in Harlem. (HAYDEN ROGER CELESTIN)

“Now, Rocawear does it, Sean John is doing it, and even the company Champion has tighter track suits,” Persaud observed.

Akademiks shirts, Smoke Rise varsity jackets and anything from rapper Lil’ Wayne’s Trukfit continue to fly off the shelves. DC sneakers and Radii boots also see brisk sales.

Michalad Victor, who was trying on a pair of black patent leather Doc Martin boots, says his clothing is inspired by hip hop.
polo belt hop styles help spawn hot streetwear trend

iona water polo Hoover High School Fresno

lacoste long sleeve polo Hoover High School Fresno

Updates From This MonthHoover vs. CentralUpcoming match on 3/15/2018 6:00 PMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team has a home non conference match vs. Box Score Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the loss vs. Righetti on 3/10/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the win vs. Moreau Catholic on 3/10/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the win vs. Morro Bay on 3/9/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the loss vs. Madera on 3/9/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the loss vs. Trabuco Hills on 3/9/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get NotifiedStats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the win vs. Morro Bay on 3/10/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get Notified1 0 (L) Hoover vs. RighettiRESULTLossPlayed on 3/10/2018 2:40 PMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team lost Saturday’s neutral tournament match against Righetti (Santa Maria, CA) by a score of 1 0. Box Score Get Notified

Posted this week

2 0 (W) Hoover vs. Moreau CatholicRESULTWinPlayed on 3/10/2018 2:00 PMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team won Saturday’s neutral tournament match against Moreau Catholic (Hayward, CA) by a score of 2 0. Box Score Get Notified

Posted this week

Advertisement2 0 (W) Hoover vs. Morro BayRESULTWinPlayed on 3/10/2018 11:45 AMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team won Saturday’s neutral tournament match against Morro Bay (CA) by a score of 2 0. Box Score Get Notified

Posted this week

Stats UpdatedHoover’s stats have been entered for the win vs. Nipomo on 3/10/2018. Box Score Stats by Match Stats by Player Get Notified

Posted this week

2 0 (W) Hoover vs. NipomoRESULTWinPlayed on 3/10/2018 10:00 AMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team won Saturday’s neutral tournament match against Nipomo (CA) by a score of 2 0. Box Score Get Notified

Posted this week

2 0 (W) Hoover vs. Morro BayRESULTWinPlayed on 3/9/2018 5:15 PMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team won Friday’s neutral tournament match against Morro Bay (CA) by a score of 2 0. Box Score Get Notified

Posted this week

2 0 (L) Hoover vs. MaderaRESULTLossPlayed on 3/9/2018 4:30 PMThe Hoover varsity volleyball team lost Friday’s neutral tournament match against Madera (CA) by a score of 2 0. Box Score Get Notified
iona water polo Hoover High School Fresno

polo towers villas las vegas Honoring traditional and contemporary regalia at the Native American Clothing Contest

polo rain boots for men Honoring traditional and contemporary regalia at the Native American Clothing Contest

It is my favorite moment of Indian Market.

Adorable tiny tots, beautiful children, handsome men and gorgeous women are all decked out in fine traditional and contemporary regalia. The wearers carry a noticeable aura of pride as they stand tall and move with elegant grace on stage in front of the overflowing audience of smiling onlookers. It is beauty embodied. It is the Native American Clothing Contest.

The genesis of this event is related to the beginning of Indian Market itself. In black and white archival photographs from early fairs, you can see artists in their traditional Pueblo or Navajo attire. When the artists came to the market, they not only brought their exquisite artwork for display and judging, but they also came wearing equally immaculate dress.

At first, informal awards were granted to the best dressed artists. From these early awards developed the competition that is presently touted as the most photographed event of the weekend. Now, it is a separate event that you do not want to miss, held on the Sunday morning of Indian Market, when dozens of marketgoers take time off from visiting booths to sit and enjoy a fabulous show.

The competition begins with some of the most memorable contestants, the tiny tots in the traditional category, and it continues on through all the age groups to the adults. From baby bonnets to beaded moccasins, all the clothing is a delight for the eyes and spirit.

Girls and women don attire ranging from cream colored buckskin dresses embellished with flowing fringes and sparkling beaded details to exquisitely woven Pueblo mantas and Navajo rug dresses. The boys have been ceremoniously painted on the skin, and they wear garments handmade by loved ones. The contestants also carry unusual accessories, including rare eagle feather fans, Victorian lace parasols, white or rust colored moccasins and silver concho belts. Large bracelets, rings and strings of beadwork or turquoise are worn as signs of family wealth and prestige.

But this contest isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it is also a time for sharing and learning. The show’s emcee describes the garments and jewelry, explaining the history, legends and relevance of what stands before us. Clothes aren’t just things that cover our bodies and protect us from the elements; they are also embedded with symbols that reference our cultural values and who we are as a people. For example, during the contest last year, the tin cone tinklers on a dress worn by Jessa Rae Growing Thunder (Sioux Assiniboine) recalled the story of an Ojibwe grandfather who sought medicine for his granddaughter when she fell deathly ill. In a dream, he was told to create the dress and to have his granddaughter dance in it. When a person is granted a vision of this power, he or she is obligated to see it take form in this world. The grandfather followed the instructions, and his granddaughter was healed. This medicine has been passed on to this day. The healing power of the jingle dress is still called upon, and the values of dancing for our personal and communal well being are carried on from the past to future generations.

The competition can also become a performance when garments are designed for ceremonial or social dances. The contestants demonstrate their powerful regalia in motion, swirling on the stage and activating the sounds of bells or tinklers attached to their dresses.

Determining a winner is no easy task. Judges carefully score each contestant separately, and oftentimes there’s a tie. Last year, two small girls tied for the Best of Classification: Female Traditional ribbon, and when former SWAIA executive director Bruce Bernstein had to break the tie, he instead rightfully declared both girls winners. Upon this announcement, the audience cheered loudly. Dyani Pino (Santa Clara) and Lillian Jones (Kiowa) posed with their shared ribbon.

‘Wearable art’ takes the stage

The contest also features a contemporary category, which was added to the roster in response to Native American fashion designers who were turning Santa Fe into a hot fashion mecca. In the 1980s, avant garde fashion shows featuring the work of artists such as Marcus Amerman (Choctaw) and Wendy Ponca (Osage) created demand for similar exciting events at the market. SWAIA responded by establishing a new contemporary clothing category. First Nations fashion designer Sho Sho Esquiro explained, “I was really happy to see them have a contemporary category. Although I love traditional clothing and regalia, I see a need for both categories to be included.”

Up and coming Navajo designer Shayne Watson submitted an elegant white velveteen wedding gown. Inspired by traditional pleated broomstick dresses of Navajo women, this one boasted pretty turquoise accents on glimmering white velvet, a fabulous step design neckline, a three tiered full skirt and a long train trailing behind. Originally from Chinle, Arizona, Watson said he was inspired by the teachings of his grandmother; he has been designing clothes for more than seven years in the way she taught him. For Watson, contemporary fashion isn’t just an outlet for his creativity; it is a way for him to explore his cultural heritage.

Another Navajo artist, Orlando Dugi, submitted two dresses, both inspired by desert heat. “This collection is about fiery fierceness, passion and confidence,” he said, “like a Southwest sunset.” The cocktail dress and gown were cut from silk fabric. He embellished each with glass beads, Swarovski crystals and various fine stone beads and gems, alongside hackle, duck and goose feathers.

Designers jump at the opportunity to showcase their work in such an inspiring place as Santa Fe during the market, Esquiro explained, “Participation in the clothing contest helped me push myself to think outside the box. I am a competitive person, but in the end I’m just honored to have my creations on stage alongside all the amazing artists.” Esquiro, an amazing artist herself, entered a gown inspired by a Kaska Dene legend. She said, “Last year I spent 400 hours on my submission. It was adorned with over 1,000 feathers, salmon skin and lots of beadwork. This year my piece is created with silk and almost 600 pieces of abalone.”

Sun Rose Iron Shell, an emerging designer, entered the clothing contest last year for the first time. Her pieces were inspired by Northern Plains parfleche containers, which were traditionally made from rawhide that was strong enough to deflect arrows. She created a parfleche inspired hand painted corset halter top. She said, “The hand painted design is from traditional Lakota parfleche works representing AnuKite Wyan, Double Face Woman, the spirit of art. This supernatural entity is the embodiment of art and femininity.” Iron Shell’s creation, which also included matching shoes and earrings, earned an honorable mention at last year’s contest. “The four hide pieces that make up the corset are painted with this design,” she said, “and the corset is cut from a textile I created by dyeing and screen printing the fabric. The print is of a gun called the Apache folding weapon, which is a device that transforms from brass knuckles to a knife while being a six cylinder shooter. This is an image constant in my work and is my metaphor to stay sharp in this intellectual battle for our youth.”

For Navajo fashion designer and jewelry artist JT Willie, his first time participating in the Native American Clothing Contest was a memorable occasion. His gown won the Best of Class ribbon for the contemporary category. He entered a lime green ball gown made of eight band trade cloth. He adorned it with synthetic elk teeth and beadwork. “I made a matching purse, earrings and necklace to accompany the beadwork on the dress. It was indeed one of a kind,” he explained. He titled the dress Indian Girls Go to Balls Too. “I like the idea of your work being displayed on a live model,” he said, “instead of the usual way of juried markets that limit the display of art.” For designers who create wearable art, the clothing contest is perfect because other classifications do not allow the use of a mannequin unless it was made by the artist. The clothing contest allows an ensemble to be worn and seen in action.

Iron Shell added, “I would love to see the contemporary categories expanded. I believe it would spark more creativity and showmanship in Native fashion. The contemporary categories are a statement of progression and continuance. Fashion produced by Native designers keeps the identities of Native people forward moving and, most of all, not dictated by stereotypes.”

Clothing and adornment continue to be important aspects of Native American cultures, and thanks to the persistence (and creativity) of clothing makers of the past and present, fashion is claiming its place next to the other arts at Santa Fe Indian Market.

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polo towers villas las vegas Honoring traditional and contemporary regalia at the Native American Clothing Contest

american eagle polos Honor Flight Network FAQs

lacoste white polo Honor Flight Network FAQs

(Courtesy of the national Honor Flight web site.)A: No. At the present time, we have over 8,000 World War II veterans on our national waiting list and thousands more who will apply this year. It is doubtful that we will get to every deserving veteran in time. Over 250 World War II veterans have passed away while patiently waiting their turn. Hundreds more will not live long enough to visit their precious memorial. Imagine how long the waiting list would be if we added non veteran spouses to our waiting list. The only spouses who are permitted to go are those who are veterans themselves.Q: I am the widow of a World War II veteran. Can I go?A: Sadly, the answer is “no”. Again, we simply do not have the resources, funding, or seating available to transport all the World War II veterans who are presently on our national waiting list. Adding spouses and widows simply isn’t an option for our program at this time.Q: How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring?A: The cost is FREE for World War II and terminally ill veterans. You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc., go as a guardian?A: Only under certain limited circumstances. Our TOP priority is the safe travel of ALL the veterans. A normal ratio is 8 veterans to 3 guardians. Who will or will not serve as a guardian, and how many guardians will be needed, is the sole responsibility of the Program Director. That decision is based upon many factors, such as:How many disabled veterans are scheduled to go?Of the disabled veterans going, how many will have to be physically assisted getting on and off the bus?Which guardian applicants are most qualified? Medically trained, active duty military personnel and veterans who have previously participated in a flight are given top priority and serve as leadership members. The applicants physically capable of assisting in the lifting of World War II veterans are also a top priority. Once the director feels enough of those positions have been filled, other applicants are then considered. Again, these decisions rest solely with the Program Director.Q: Can I make a donation to Honor Flight Network?A: Honor Flight Network gratefully accepts donations from anyone EXCEPT World War II veterans. We feel that World War II veterans have given enough. This is our way of saying “Thank You”!Q: How do you decide which veterans get to go?A: Veterans are flown on a “first come, first served basis.” Within the applicants, top priority is currently given to World War II veterans and all other veterans with terminal illness. Our second priority is to Korean War veterans and then Vietnam War veterans.Q: What if there are no Honor Flight Network hubs in my state?A: If a program does not exist in your part of the country, TURN IN AN APPLICATION ANYWAY. Once the application has been received, you will be invited to participate on a flight in your general region of the country. You will be responsible for obtaining travel to and from that region. For example: you live in Minneapolis Minnesota. Once a seat becomes available for you on a flight out of Fargo, North Dakota, you would be responsible for getting to and from Fargo. and back again. If you have been on our national waiting list for over six months, you will be eligible to participate in our Lone Eagles program. Please call us for more information.Q: How are you funded?A: Sadly, despite our best attempts at fundraising, Honor Flight Network Network receives no national, government sponsorship. Our funding comes primarily from individuals across the country who recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of veterans and want them to see their memorial before it’s too late. Other significant contributors have been fraternal organizations like local American Legion, VFW, Am Vets, DAV, MOPH, posts and chapters, as well as various corporations on a local level.Q: What if the veteran is on oxygen or will need a wheelchair?A: WHEELCHAIRS About 30% of the veterans we have transported over the past three years were in wheelchairs. Our deluxe motor coaches are ordered based upon this fact. Many of our coaches are equipped with wheelchair lifts. If there is a possibility that a veteran may need a wheelchair during one of our trips, we ask that the veteran bring their own. If a wheelchair is not available, you can usually sign one out from your local fraternal organization (VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, DAV, etc). If this still is not an option, please contact our offices at 937 521 2400.OXYGEN If the veteran requires oxygen, a prescription for the oxygen must be provided by the veteran’s healthcare provider, identifying the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery (2 3 liters per minute). Honor Flight Network will provide an FAA approved oxygen concentrator for use during the trip if local oxygen equipment is not available. We also provide oxygen cylinders to be used at the memorials. area is required, we will provide an overnight concentrator for use in the hotel room. Veterans on oxygen are required to have oxygen cylinders available from their home to the departure airport and also on the return from their local airport back to their homes. No oxygen cylinders are permitted to be used on the aircraft. If the veteran requires oxygen during the trip, please call us at 937 521 2400 to discuss arrangements.
american eagle polos Honor Flight Network FAQs

polo outlet aurora ohio Homecoming dresses come courtesy of Junior League

polo for dogs Homecoming dresses come courtesy of Junior League

to noon Saturday, Aug. 19, at the Junior League headquarters’ Dogwood Cottage, 529 N. Columbia St., in Covington.

“We collect short dresses for Project Homecoming,” Junior League volunteer Margaret Burns said. Many new dresses are donated by are stores. “The majority of dresses still have tags on them.”

Burns said that on Saturday, volunteers will transform the JLGC headquarters into a fashion boutique, complete with salons for the girls to try things on. Students from the Aveda Institute in Covington will be on hand to provide make up and hairstyle sessions as part of the event.

“It’s nice to see the girls’ and mothers’ faces when they come in and see everything looking so nice,” Burns said.

Dozens of Junior League volunteers work to set up, stage and break down the event.

The Junior League will accept donations of formal dresses, shoes, purses or jewelry this week at Air Salon Blow Dry Bar, 1111 N. Causeway Blvd. Suite F, Mandeville; The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe, 3331 Severn Ave. No. 102,
polo outlet aurora ohio Homecoming dresses come courtesy of Junior League
Metairie; and the Law Office of Roy K. Burns, 317 N. Columbia St., Covington.

Students will be asked to sign in at the event and list which high school they attend. This helps the JLGC know what areas are being served by the project, Burns said.

“Last year, the flooding affected so many,” she said, “that they couldn’t afford extras such as homecoming dresses.” That drew families from as far as Tangipahoa to Project Homecoming.

“It’s really a good feeling that during a difficult time, the program brought a little comfort to those families.”

Junior League was founded in 1977 to promote volunteerism and service among women in the Covington area.

According to the 2017 18 President Cyndi Bellina, “The Junior League of Greater Covington played an instrumental role in the development of the YMCA for Western St. Tammany, Meals on Wheels, Youth Service Bureau, Kris Kringle (now called Toys for Tots), the Northlake Nature Center, and the Highway 190 Beautification Project, to name a few.”
polo outlet aurora ohio Homecoming dresses come courtesy of Junior League

uva polo Home Mommy Chinese New Year craft

ole miss polo Home Mommy Chinese New Year craft

Since Chinese New Year is just round the corner, the girl and I decided that our first craft project of the year will be based on Chinese New Year theme. We had already made a Chinese Zodiac wreath, some ugly Chinese lanterns, a few Chinese Dragon puppets in the past, so this year we wanted to make something different. a Chinese lion head that the children can dance with!

The girl performing lion dance.

The difficult part of this craft is the design of the lion face. the girl wanted a lioness, so we had to soften the fierce look of the lion and try to it. It wasn easy because we had a masculine looking face to work with, but in the end I think we did just fine. Both of us are pleased with the end product and she already decided to bring it to her Tell this Friday.:)

cloth or towel for the lion tail

I think by looking at the end product, the instructions are pretty self explanatory so I will not type them out here. (I just too lazy la!) But if you need any help in making this craft, just leave me a message in the comment box.

By the way, do you know that Chinese believes loud lion dance can evict bad/evil spirits and the dance is usually performed during Chinese New Year to usher an auspicious new year? So I plan to play the loud Chinese New Year music and let my wild little lion dancers dance their hearts out on the first day of Lunar New Year at home!
uva polo Home Mommy Chinese New Year craft