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Bill Clinton thinks so. So do Earl Nye and Jan Studer.

The two teachers hope that Boundary County Junior High School will become the first public school in Idaho to require school uniforms.

They see uniform dress as a way to foster school pride despite a dramatically inadequate campus. They want to reduce peer pressure and to let children know that school is a place to get down to business, not make a fashion statement.

lot of people from the president on down think it a good idea, Nye said Wednesday.

Not among them are a lot of young folks whose definition of includes Raiders jackets and Air Jordans.

would take away my personal rights, said seventh grader Jason Wasinger. clothes are how we express ourselves. will take our personality away, argued classmate Sarah Niewierowski.

School officials are surveying residents to get their opinions. If most people like the idea, Principal Terry Sherven will recommend uniforms to the school board this spring. Trustees will have the final say on whether to proceed with the experiment.

The Boundary County Junior High staff could fill several blackboards with its reasons for supporting uniforms. The biggest ones are:

Behavior. Big city gangs aren painting graffiti on Main Street, but drug use and teenage crime are on the rise. The number of juvenile probation officers has doubled; there was an execution style killing and related burglary ring last year.

Sherven shook his head when describing a tape he had taken away from a youngster. It contained songs such as Raped and Strangled. he says, would help set a disciplined tone which would help keep such influences at bay. They also would identify young people on the school grounds who are not enrolled.

School spirit. The junior high occupies buildings that everyone there fears are permanent. Most of the classrooms are in four barracks style buildings. There are no hallways. The gym and auditorium are what left of a long ago high school, and may be condemned. The playground is a muddy field, the office is in an old senior citizens center.

Nice shirts, neat slacks, fleece jackets emblazoned with the Badgers logo those can only help foster pride, the teachers said. They cited experience at other schools around the country.

initial reaction from students is against it, but after wearing uniforms for awhile, they not anxious to take them off, Studer said.

Peer pressure. Sherven got a phone call from a mother whose son would never admit to his friends that he liked the idea of uniforms. But the boy wanted the principal to know he be relieved not to have to feel pressure over the way he dresses.

No one can be teased about their clothes if everyone is dressed as a or a nerd, Sherven said with a laugh.

Cost. Some students feel badly because they can afford to dress like their peers. Studer said that particularly hard a young, budding girl who would like to look as nice as she possibly can. on clothing company estimates, the principal said two winter and two summer uniforms would cost about $100. A logo jacket would be $25 or $45, depending on weight.

Supportive parents are talking about a uniform exchange, and help for people who can afford the initial investment. Most people who look at the cost of uniforms know they could spend that much on a single pair of designer shoes, Sherven said.

Girls could wear skirts or pants. That a relief to eighth grader Marie Truesdell, who likes the idea of uniforms long as you don have to wear a dress. wouldn come around trying to dress like a fashion show,
polo flannels Teachers Advocate School Uniforms Expressing Yourself Shouldn
she said.

Truesdell, Lisa Hurst and Monica Thomas all think uniforms would be OK. That, they said with giggles, is due to the fact that they in Mr. Nye class.

Nye is eager for uniforms, to say the least. He researched the issue over the past six months.

A former military man who wears blazers and ties at work, Nye hands out copies of a quote from someone the kids can look up to. A guy named Johnson.

was always the uniform that made me feel special in high school, college and the pros. That why I never sat on the bench in street clothes for games in which I wouldn play because of injury. When I walked into the locker room on my first day as a Laker and saw my gold uniform hanging there, I cried. Off the floor I always been Earvin. But in uniform I was Magic. , DataTimes ILLUSTRATION: Color photo

MEMO: This sidebar appeared with the story:


Principal John German looked around and saw kids who were saggin and laggin. starting in 1995, the 900 students at Seattle South Shore Middle School were ordered to wear uniforms. The next year, German declared the experiment a success.

demeanor in the school has improved 98 percent, truancy and tardies are down, and we haven had one reported incident of theft. who didn want to wear uniforms had to attend another school. Only five did so.

One frequently cited example is Long Beach Calif., where 58,000 elementary and middle school students have been wearing uniforms since 1994.

In the year following the new policy, overall school crime dropped 36 percent; fights, 51 percent; sex offenses, 74 percent; weapons offenses, 50 percent; vandalism, 18 percent.
polo flannels Teachers Advocate School Uniforms Expressing Yourself Shouldn

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BLAIR, WI (WXOW) The Blair Taylor School District is celebrating a brand new school and on Sunday, students and staff dedicated the new building but the building serves a bigger purpose.In August 2013, the district broke ground on the $17 million Blair Taylor United Campus. On Sunday, students and parents couldn’t get enough of the new building.”I think it’s really beautiful and I like all the new classrooms,” Blair Taylor 8th grade student Abbie Omernick said. “There’s a lot of great things. It’s great.””It’s definitely different. It’s better than the old high school I think,” Junior Sean Reismann said.”It’s awesome,” 1st grade student Evelyn Swenson said by her grandmother, Deb Sveen’s, side. “I agree, it’s awesome,” Sveen added. “You need your track shoes on to really get around. I found that out right away.”The money was spent towards adding 89,707 square feet to the former Blair Taylor middle high school site. The new additions allowed Blair Taylor Elementary students to move into the new facility, and new additions included a brand new cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, offices, classroom, and library. Students said with the new look facility, it was worth the money.”I think the gym is the best part too. We’re in there a lot, with basketball and everything coming up,” Reismann said. “It’s easier to get around too, all the classrooms are closer.”Local officials held a ceremony for the new school on Sunday, saying a united campus was something which Blair Taylor simply needed. “It’s an opportunity for all of our kids to have a state of the art facility, but more importantly, state of the art technology,” Blair Taylor Elementary Principal Michael Thomley said. “Anytime you can combine resources it’s a benefit to our community. Character is one of the things I think we’re built on. By being able to role model for the littles, the good things that kids do, I think that’s huge for us.”Blair Taylor Superintendent Jeff Eide said it could lead to better education. “Once you have continuity and you have people, curricular, knowing what the next person is doing, what they expect before they come, even though you do that anyways, but when you’re one united campus, we think that’ll help us out,” Eide said.Bringing the community together is what Blair Taylor United Campus is all about and has certainly achieved.The building isn’t completely finished with construction yet, saying it needs to make some “final touch ups,” but it should be finished within the next two weeks.
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taxpayers can deduct their 2018 state and local property taxes on their 2017 returns if they pay those tax bills before the end of the year and only if the taxes were assessed before 2018, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Homeowners in states with the highest property taxes have been peppering local officials with questions about how to prepay the levies to try to take advantage of a tax break that will be limited next year. They’re being encouraged by state officials, notably in New York and New Jersey, who are trying to facilitate such prepayments. suburbs, WTOP found a line of hundreds snaked through a local government building in Fairfax, Virginia, looking to prepay their 2018 bills. Fairfax County officials, strained by the crowds, are telling people to wire the money instead. In nearby Arlington County, Chief Deputy Treasurer Kim Rucker told local television station Fox 5 that the increased pace of residents looking to cover 2018 tax bills has prompted hundreds of calls during the normally quiet Christmas period, and dozens of prepayments a day.

The tax law, which Trump signed Dec. 22, has prompted some local governments to revise their rules in a bid to facilitate the last minute change in federal tax strategies. The Montgomery County Council in Maryland broke its winter recess to pass a bill allowing residents to prepay 2018 taxes, The Washington Post reported. State and local laws determine “whether and when a property tax is assessed,” the IRS noted in its guidance late Wednesday and some localities have not yet assessed 2018 property taxes.

The tax overhaul bill that Trump signed into law last week will limit the deduction that individuals can take for the state and local taxes they pay. As of Jan. 1, the deduction will be capped at $10,000 a limit that applies to any combination of property taxes and income or sales taxes.

The scramble that has ensued over property tax prepayments reflects congressional Republicans’ rush to pass the tax overhaul legislation and give their party and Trump a major legislative victory by the end of 2017. It took just a little over seven weeks from the introduction of the first bill in the House to the final passage of joint legislation.

In a related development, some experts have cited confusing language in the law related to state and local income taxes. That section appears to rule out taxpayers’ benefiting by paying 2018 state income taxes before the end of 2017. But it’s preceded by language that might confine that requirement to tax years “beginning after December 31, 2017.”

Victor Thuronyi, a former tax counsel for the International Monetary Fund, wrote in a blog post that the final language might create an opening for people to prepay their 2018 state and local income taxes this year.

“Suppose that someone prepays 2018 tax in 2017, takes a deduction, and the drafting error identified here is not fixed in a technical corrections bill,” he wrote. “If the IRS challenges the deduction and the matter is litigated, how would it turn out? Impossible to say.”

Regardless of such fine points, not every taxpayer would benefit from making the early property tax payments. Those who pay the alternative minimum tax a kind of parallel tax designed to prevent relatively high earners from reducing their income taxes too much wouldn’t get the benefit.
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And a CBS 6 investigation found those jackets and ties are likely being paid for by taxpayers.

“I did have a police officer years ago buy a very nice Italian suit from us,” said a salesperson at Franco’s suit shop in metro Richmond. “We’ve had in the last couple years the police officers come in and get a few things.”

These suit selling connoisseurs are no stranger to the perk. In fact, it’s well known sergeants and detectives in our area receive a clothing allowance on top of their salary.

So just how much is being spent? Through a freedom of information act request, CBS 6 learned that each sworn officer in the city of Richmond gets $250 a year for clothes.

On a force with nearly 700, that’s over $173,000 annually.

For Chesterfield Police, the right to buy taxpayer funded shirts and shoes is more like an exclusive club.

In 2014 just 26 officers qualified for the $600 a year allowance.

But no area police force allows officers to spend as much as Henrico, where 133 men and women in the non uniform division get $1200 a year to spend on their wardrobe.

That’s nearly five times more than what their counterparts in Richmond receive.

While the Henrico board of supervisors declined an on camera interview, as did the county police chief. But, Chief Douglas A. Middleton did email us: “the program is a privilege for officers assigned to a pre approved plain clothes assignment in lieu of a uniform.”

When asked if he got a clothing allowance? Chesterfield police officer Kevin Carrol said that he does and he defended the practice. Carroll is president of Virginia’s fraternal order of police.

“Uniforms are provided by most municipalities to law enforcement officers to wear every day. On the other hand, we require people to wear a suit and tie every day,” Carrol added. “If a detective gets in a fight with someone and ruins a suit then a clothing allowance helps replace the clothes that get ruined.”

Carroll says police wear suits to go to court, and to investigate crimes when a uniform is a distraction.

“I’ve heard many victims over the years say, ‘you really carry yourself well you present yourself well, ‘” said Carrol. “Police officers regardless of what people think they don’t get paid big bucks?”

Taxpayer Willy Solomon says everyone wants to look their best. But he says if teachers have to buy their own clothes, officers should to.

“I don’t think it’s a necessity,” explained Solomon.

But, Bob Dickerson says, let’s cut the cops a break. A suit makes a person confidant. And a confidant cop makes for a safer neighborhood. And that suits him just fine.

“If you feel good in your clothes you are better able to communicate with people,” Dickerson said.

While it appears this clothing allowance will remain in next year’s budget in our area cities and counties, we’ve learned some departments have scrapped it all together. The Henrico Sheriff’s Department says they just can’t afford perks like that anymore.
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young dro polo album Tax law could hit home in major way for collegiate athletic departments

For more than three decades, fans who donated to a collegiate athletic department and got a season ticket out of it could write off 80% of the contribution.

That obscure tax rule was eliminated in the Republican led law that went into effect on Jan. 1, and it could result in a sizable hit for big time schools. And for the midmajor types such as members of the Mid American Conference and Horizon League, every donation matters for athletic departments that heavily rely on student fees and other university funds to stay afloat.

Bill Shea, our sports business colleague at Crain’s Detroit, wrote an interesting pieceon the potential impact of tax reform on the likes of Michigan and Michigan State.

The Wolverines have a Preferred Seat Donation program in which a contribution of at least $150 results in the right to buy football season tickets. Such donations, according to Shea, accounted for $30.1 million of Michigan’s $182.4 million athletic budget.

The Wolverines sold a whopping 72,000 season tickets to non students, and each ticket from that total was part of the Preferred Seat Donation program.

Ohio State, meanwhile, has a Buckeye Club that costs $1,500 to join, according to The Toledo Blade. Boosters who donate at least that amount can then purchase OSU football tickets. (The cost is $250 for recent graduates and former letterwinners.)

A personal seat license for Ohio State’s men’s basketball team costs $5,000, and only fans who pay that amount can buy season tickets in the 200 level of Value City Arena. There are no such PSLs for the upper level.

The Buckeye Club, The Blade reported, raised $13.5 million from memberships in the last fiscal year. That entire total went to athletic scholarships.

For the likes of Toledo, a MAC school with an athletic budget that is not even one sixth as large as OSU’s, the university’s Rocket Fund raises about $800,000 a year. Toledo gets another $1.7 million from premium seating a total that includes donations that come with the rights to buy season tickets.

The most telling part of the stories we’ve read on the potential impact of the 80% writeoff being eliminated comes from Bowling Green director of athletics Bob Moosbrugger.

From The Blade story:

Baseball, men’s soccer, golf, and cross country already have been identified as being in the crosshairs at BGSU.

“Those are the four sports where I’ve talked to those coaches and said, if someone says, ‘Bob, you have to cut a million dollars out of your budget,’ I’m going to those,” Moosbrugger said.

At the recent gathering of college athletic directors, Moosbrugger said the new tax bill was among the most popular discussions, with the consensus opinion being it will affect a lot of people.

In mid November,
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before the tax bill became law, Bloomberg spoke with Jon Bakija, an economist at Williams College, who estimated that the change would result in a 20% to 30% drop in giving.

At Ohio State and Michigan, that would be huge, but we have a feeling the Buckeyes and Wolverines would figure out other ways to make up for any drop in revenues. But in the MAC or Horizon League, the non revenue sports, as Moosbrugger referenced, are often the first ones targeted when such budget hits occur.

As is often the case, though, there could be loopholes.

Moosbrugger told The Blade that BG might be able to rework the Falcon Club criteria to keep the gifts tax deductible.

Athletic departments have known this was possible for months. Late in 2017, Florida State, Oklahoma and SMU offered boosters the opportunity to make a purchase that would account for multiple years of season tickets, ESPN reported.

Also coming into play is a 21% excise tax on compensation that is above $1 million for a university’s five highest paid employees. At many schools, football and basketball coaches are almost guaranteed to be part of that group.

This USA Today database of football coaches’ salaries has Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and OSU’s Urban Meyer checking in at Nos. 3 and 4, respectively. Harbaugh’s 2017 pay was $7.04 million, and Meyer made $6.43 million. In their cases, an excise tax would cost their respective universities nearly $1.5 million (Harbaugh) and more than $1.3 million (Meyer). (Western Michigan’s Tim Lester leads the way among MAC coaches at $800,000.)

Tax reform will also have an impact at the pro sports level, but as is the case in the collegiate examples we’ve mentioned, it’s much too soon to know how large the effect will be.

As Crain’s Jay Miller reported in early January, businesses can still deducthalf of the cost of business meals, but they can no longer deduct 50% of the charge for activities that are considered entertainment or recreation. In the past, such expenses as rounds of golf and luxury suites at an arena, ballpark or stadium fell under that umbrella.

Back on Jan. 8, Indians president Brian Barren told us that the club “had just started digging deeper” into the potential impacts of tax reform.

After I brought up what Miller wrote on business deductions for entertainment, Barren said, “We look at things like that that while that may impact the sports industry as a whole, they don’t necessarily put us in a more advantageous or disadvantageous position. They’re just the reality of the conditions that will be in the marketplace moving forward.”

You can follow me on Twitter for sports information and analysis, but not an explanation of all of my lavish business deductions. (OK, that was a joke,
polo ralph lauren factory store online Tax law could hit home in major way for collegiate athletic departments
but I once had a $14 Source Lunch at Vincenza’s.)

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That’s because at the start of this week the company instituted a new “Dress for Your Day” policy that gives corporate workers the option to dress more casually (when appropriate).

“It’s about giving team members choice and options for taking a look at their own day ahead of them and to determine what they should be wearing, whether that’s jeans and a sweater, a blazer, or maybe a suit,” company spokesperson Molly Synder told us, adding, with a smile, that the company’s tried and true red shirt and khaki pants look remains “acceptable any day of the week.”

Asked what motivated the change,
marco polo history Target relaxes corporate dress code
Synder said, “We recognize that to our team members being able to express themselves and make their own choices is important, and this is giving them the power to do that.”

Target headquarters doesn’t have a dress code per se instead, we have a loose framework called “Dress for Your Day.” What does “Dress for Your Day” mean? It’s pretty simple. For a low key day, jeans and a nice polo might be the answer. Target team members do a lot of volunteering, and on those days they show their Target pride by wearing a Target Volunteer t shirt.

So if you see a lot more jeans in the skyway during the workday these days, now you know why.:::: UPDATE ::::

A corporate memo obtained by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal contains a few more details about the new code. Also banned are spaghetti strap tops or dresses unless covered by a jacket or sweater, and leggings unless worn with an appropriate length dress,
marco polo history Target relaxes corporate dress code
skirt or top.

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‘Odds’ is a special edition pair of shoes created by adidas as a mark of tribute to para athletes across the world. It is a unique pair of shoes which are either two lefts or two rights for those athletes who defy all the odds in life to participate and win. To promote the same, the adidas’ new digital campaign ‘adidas Odds’, conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu, was recently released on the occasion of the ongoing Paralympics at Rio de Janerio, Brazil, which ends on September 18.

The film has been produced by Nomad Films and directed by Veneet Bagga, director and founder, Onion Films. The voiceover is that of Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi. While Isobar is the brand’s digital agency, Carat is the media agency for the brand.

We asked Santosh Padhi, aka Paddy, co founder and chief creative officer, Taproot Dentsu, how the agency convinced India’s first blade runner and war hero D P Singh to be a part of the film, as well as about the challenges faced while shooting it.

“When we told Major (D P) Singh that we wanted to honour the community of para athletes on the occasion of Paralympics, it was quite obvious that both parties were thinking alike. We met him and explained the campaign and let him know that there would be a brand association without which the story would not be complete. We also explained that his wouldn’t be the only face in the film and that there will be more such athletes. It wasn’t a difficult task for us to convince him, and we did in an hour’s time,” says Paddy.

“But, the athletes were spread across different cities and we wanted all of them in Mumbai, Bengaluru, or Delhi, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. We spoke to five people due to the scarcity of time as we wanted to hit during the Paralympics week, but zeroed in on Singh,” he says.

Talking about the challenges faced, Paddy says, “It wasn’t as easy as it looks in the film. We shot for three consecutive days, from 4.30 am until 8 pm. We were lucky that we had Major Singh as our protagonist. He is a humble man and more importantly, understands our industry and things such as retakes. We made him run on some really odd surfaces such as mountains and muddy roads, but since he had been a part of the army, he would take it up as a challenge and do it seamlessly,” he adds.

Paddy says that after the shoot, they would sit and think about how Major Singh did all of it in three days. “If it hadn’t been him, I don’t think we would have finished the film in three days,” he says.

When asked which was the most difficult or challenging location to shoot at, he says, “Almost the entire shoot was challenging. We had to plan quite a lot of stuff, such as moving from one location to another for which we travelled a lot. Hence, all three days were hectic and a nightmare because each sequence or location had a spillover on the other one and it impacted the easy shots.”

According to Paddy, although it was the first time for the Major, and he was not a model, he maintained himself throughout the film as an intense, dedicated and passionate runner whose mission in life was to run on uneven surfaces. “That intensity was captured by the director quite well right from the first second until the last. It is not easy if you are not an intelligent guy and especially if you are not a model,” he says.

Talking about his challenge, Bagga, who has directed the film, says, “For me, the challenge was to get a sense of realism, as well as have cinematic appeal. It should look like a legend, but still look real and that was the biggest challenge. I spent two and a half weeks with Major Singh. I went to his house, spoke to him, was running with him in the morning, got his old pictures, and got to know he has an army uniform that he wears once in a while for the sake of nostalgia.”

We asked our expert Kailash Surendranath, ad film maker and founder of the film production company Kailash Picture Company, on how difficult he thinks the execution of such films are for the production house and the director.

“This is a film on a real life hero Major D P Singh. He is obviously a fighter and a champ in every sense of the word. This inspiring film on him works really well because it is so beautifully written and handled at so many levels. It never, for a moment, allows us to feel sorry for the hero, but leaves us inspired, which is very important in this kind of communication. Major Singh comes across as a braveheart,” says Surendranath.
burberry polos for men Taproot's Paddy on adidas 'Odds'

charlie brown polo shirt Tap turns its toes to Vancouver

water polo women Tap turns its toes to Vancouver

Norman Rothstein Theatre

Tickets: $35/$40 at the door

VANCOUVER Some of the country’s top tap dancers are in Vancouver this week for a week long series of events that includes a gala performance with a former tap dancing star from The Lawrence Welk Show. during his stint on the television variety show from 1964 to 1982. Known as one of several artists who kept tap dancing alive during its decline, the 84 year old dancer will be performing the finale at aHa! Tap at the Norman Rothstein Theatre on Saturday.

Vancouver has become the centre of the country’s tap dance, thanks in part to the work of Sas Selfjord, the producer of both Tap Rising: Canadians in Tap Conference and the 10th Annual Vancouver International Tap Dance Festival.

One challenge, she said, is combatting the idea that tap dancing is solely an American art form.

“It’s not owned by Americans,” Selfjord insisted. “It’s an art form practised by anyone wearing tap shoes.”

In an atmosphere of provincial cuts to arts and culture groups, Selfjord made a point of saying how important public funding was to the conference. Tap Rising received $2,000 from the city of Vancouver and $10,000, plus travel subsidies, from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Without federal and municipal support, the conference wouldn’t have gone ahead, she said.

“It allowed us to bring our artists in from across the country.”

Among the national participants is Ethel Bruneau from Montreal. Born and raised in Harlem in New York, Bruneau travelled north to Canada in 1953 with Cab Calloway, the great American jazz singer and bandleader. Instead of returning home, she stayed in Montreal, where she has been teaching tap for 40 years.

As an added bonus, about a dozen tap dancers in town for the conference auditioned Wednesday for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Selfjord said the conference rearranged its schedule at the last minute to accommodate them.

(Tap dancing is likely to play a big role in the ceremonies because of David Atkins, the 2010 Olympics’ executive producer. Featuring some of the country’s top tap dancing talent, Tap Rising will include performances by Heather Cornell, Lisa LaTouche and Travis Knights. Live music will be provided by the Michael Creber Trio.

After the conference, many of the same tap dancers at the conference will be staying in Vancouver to take part in the tap dance festival. Selfjord said attendance has hit an all time high with more than 200 tap dancers from the Pacific Northwest participating in the four day conference. Three jazz musicians and five tap dancers will be performing in an atmosphere that Selfjord hopes recalls the heyday of jazz and tap in Harlem’s Cotton Club in the 1930s.

One of the reasons often cited for tap’s decline after the Second World War was the rise of rock and roll and recorded music. Tap dancers were traditionally considered both dancers and musicians because of the sounds they made with their tap shoes. The information below will be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you. You can always change the information you share with us by editing your profile.
charlie brown polo shirt Tap turns its toes to Vancouver

ralph lauren polo sport Tap Grandmas dance for joy

patriots polo Tap Grandmas dance for joy

Six years ago, Joan Hamilton retired from her job as an elementary physical education teacher and began a new career in show business. But that wasn exactly what she intended.

Hamilton father had been a song and dance man who tapped his way through vaudeville routines. He ensured his daughter and her twin brother knew their shim sham from their shuffle step, and Hamilton developed an abiding passion for tap.

After retiring, she decided to get a small group of grandmothers together to tap dance, just for fun. That group of four has grown to 35 active members, ages 53 to 82. And they taken their act out of the dance studio and on the road, performing at elementary schools, Red Hat gatherings and charity fundraisers.

girls are relentless, Hamilton said, laughing. love to perform and go out and dance for people. May 12, the Tap Grandmas, plus one grandpa, strutted their stuff at a recital at the Southside Senior Activity Center. Hamilton said Bill Kennedy, the lone man, has the beginners under his wing. But you couldn tell the novices from the advanced dancers during the hour long performance.

The room quickly filled to capacity with friends, fans and family members, including lots of little ones. After all, what a Tap Grandma performance without some tap grandkids in the audience?

The dancers chose the Charleston for their opening number and wowed the crowd, twirling their long strands of pearls. risqu grandmas do the Charleston, Hamilton quipped. Next, wearing silver sequined vests, they tapped out a sultry razzle dazzle.

These ladies aren content to watch life go by from their rocking chairs. Joan Caulfield, 72, hadn tapped since high school, but she picked it up again at 50. She joined Tap Grandmas after moving to Spokane. whole group is happy, she said. just energetic, active women. is putting it mildly. Tap dancing is an aerobic workout,
ralph lauren polo sport Tap Grandmas dance for joy
and Caulfield has reaped its rewards. diabetic, she said. actually helps lower my blood sugar. It my favorite kind of exercise.

Hamilton gave the dancers a chance to catch their breath between numbers by offering a bit of background about the music and the routines. would make us do push ups if we looked down at our feet, she said. was the strongest girl on the block! music of on the Ritz gave way to the toe tapping tune of Frutti as the group shimmied to the music of the and rocked to the beat of tunes.

Some members have added clogging to their repertoire. Hamilton explained the difference this way: use a heavier step in clogging. It harder on the knees. That because cloggers perform with more up and down body movements and pound the floor with their heels. Even the sound is different, Hamilton said, because shoes have a single tap and clogging shoes have a double tap. audience responded with enthusiasm as the group clogged to the Polka. Bill Kennedy followed that number with his beginners as they tapped out Mama. Grandmas had their origin in rhythm tap, a highly syncopated form of dance that transforms the dancers feet into percussion instruments. Hamilton and her crew demonstrated this style in a spirited performance of Dang Doodle. dad looking down now, and he loving this dance! Hamilton said. gonna slam it out for you! And they did, to the crowd delight.

Throughout the performance the dancers switched accessories several times, but the one accessory that never changed was the dancers glowing smiles.

love to dance just for the dancing, not necessarily the performance, Jay Warren said. She seen the group practicing at the Southside Center and told her daughter about it. Her daughter encouraged her to join, but Warren demurred. However, when that daughter gave her a pair of tap shoes for her 80th birthday, accompanied by a certificate for tap dancing lessons, Warren ran out of excuses.

A year later, she still dancing. no pressure, and the memorization and concentration is good for our minds as well as our bodies, she said.

It also good for the community. Tap Grandmas charity of choice is Spokane Public Schools Homeless Education and Resource Team program. Hamilton estimates the group has raised between $6,000 and $7,000 for the program over the years.

dance for the homeless kids in the Spokane School District, she said. money goes for their extracurricular activities. the audience cheered after the final number, one toddler yelled loudly above the applause, Grandma! The grandmas beamed.
ralph lauren polo sport Tap Grandmas dance for joy

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Whether you’re searching for short sleeved tees, long sleeved shirts, Centennial Classi shirt or even NHL workout T Shirts you can find NHL t shirts of all different styles. No matter if you’re shopping for men, women, or kids, you will always be able to find the right NHL shirt for any hockey fan of any kind. Whether you’re rooting for New York or Las Vegas, pick out your favorite NHL shirt today and show your pride for your favorite NHL team all season long.

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izod polos for women Tanks at Shop